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Sponsorship Opportunities

I Need Support

Lesbians of Iowa was founded on the fundamental value that ALL members of our community deserve access to community. Because of this, LOIA does what we can to provide scholarship to individuals to access our events. Requests for support are considered on a case by case basis. We don't have "qualifications" to request. We believe that YOU know your tolerance, and trust that you will request appropriately.  

Sponsorships are provided on a % basis. When making a request for support, we ask that you provide a percentage based request.

For example: A tent spot for 3 nights of camping totals $134.40. A percentage request would look like:
100% ($0 cost)
75% ($33.60 cost)
50% ($67.20 cost)
25% ($100.80 cost)
10% ($120.96 cost)

If you'd like to request support, please email In your email, please include your requested reservation details as well as the percentage of support that you're seeking.

I Have Extra To Gift

Because LOIA believes in providing equitable access to events, we raise money by selling merch online, as Pride event vendors, and fundraising throughout the year. We know that we ask a lot of our members, but we cannot do this work without you. If you've got extra to contribute towards sponsoring a fellow camper, we'd love the help! We can be found on most of the digital platforms. Cash/Check/Card donations can be coordinate through